‚ÄčThe laboratory is dedicated to realization of components and prototype systems, as well as to research in the field of intelligent manufacturing systems. In the former case, the laboratory aims at developing and prototyping robotics and mechatronics systems by making ad hoc components, assembling reconfigurable systems, and programming and commissioning electronics, actuators, sensors, and microcontrollers.
In the latter case, the laboratory aims at the development of measurement systems and techniques, adaptive control methods, and human-machine interfaces (including Augmented Reality) that allow to improve the eficiency and the level of automation of production systems.


  • 5 axes CNC milling machine
  • 5 axes, horizontal spindle boring machine, with open CNC
  • Laser cutter
  • Press-drill
  • Two FDM 3-D printers
  • Thermal imaging system
  • 6 axes dynamometric table
  • Measurement and control systems
  • Wide range of standard and reconfigurable mechanical components
  • Wide range of controllers, sensors, actuators for light robotics and autonomous vehicles



Prof. Paolo Bosetti

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