The activities of this lab are focused on the development of smart cyber-physical systems Smart CPS (i.e. able to operate in close connection with the surrounding environment), properly interconnected according to the Internet of Things (IoT) paradigm. The research activities cover several topics, which can affect a variety of applications.

Research topics

  • Energy harvesting;
  • Low-power design of electronic systems and computing architectures; Energy Neutral Electronic Design
  • Digital signal processing algorithms for sensor signals and measurement data;
  • Distributed estimation techniques in complex systems;
  • Synchronization of distributed systems;

Research projects

  • Environmental, energy and structural monitoring;
  • Smart grid;
  • Wearable electronic devices;
  • Indoor localization;
  • Robotics and automation.


The lab is equipped with several development kits for microcontrollers; multi-core systems and FPGAs. Moreover, it is provided with:

  • Workstation with software tools for system design, simulation and testing (e.g. Matlab and Labview);
  • Handheld and bench general-purpose instruments such as: data acquisition systems, power supplies, function generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters and a logic-state analyzer;
  • Kits for PLC programming;
  • PTP systems for accurate clock synchronization of distributed systems over Ethernet.

Further instruments and tools (such as for instance, a soldering station) are available in the nearby "Electronics and Microsystems" Lab.



Prof. Davide Brunelli