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The laboratory is equipped with hardware and software tools for the development of innovative devices, sensors, and microsystems for scientific, industrial, and consumer applications, using microelectronic and micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) technologies. 

Typical activities include: definition of custom fabrication processes, device design and layout drawing, numerical simulation and modeling, electrical and functional characterization. Analog circuit interfaces for sensor signal read-out and processing are also designed, either based on discrete components or integrated in commercial CMOS technologies.

Main instrumentation

  • Workstations with design/simulation CAD tools
  • Standard and high voltage power supplies
  • Pulse and waveform generators
  • Oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzer
  • LCR meter and semiconductor parameter analyzer
  • Electro-optical bench


Prof. Gian Franco dalla Betta email: gianfranco.dallabetta [at] unitn.it tel: 0461 283904

Elettronica e microsistemi