The lab covers an area of nearly 300 m2 and is organized in specific sections for the mechanical characterization of metals, polymers, ceramic and composites materials, as well as for the structural assessment of mechanical components. A complete equipment of fully instrumented machines for static, fatigue, impact, fracture mechanics and wear testing is available. A specific room of the lab is conditioned for carrying out tests at controlled temperature and humidity.

A brief list of testing devices can be as follows: 4 servo-hydraulical and  3 electro-mechanical universal testing frames, 2 resonant machines for fatigue testing, a battery of 8 alternating bending fatigue machines, 3 Charpy pendulums, a modular frame for testing of mechanical parts. Wear testing machines such a 2 disk on disk, 1 pin on disk and 1 thermal fatigue device complete the lab equipment.



Prof. Vigilio Fontanari

Technical staff

Prove meccaniche