Researchers of the Glass and Ceramics laboratory are worldwide recognized for their contribution in the field of Polymer Derived Ceramics (PDCs) and mechanical properties of brittle materials. PDCs of the SiOC and SiCN systems in form of fibers, films or aerogels are studied for energy (Anodes for Li-ion batteries, Supercaps…) and environmental (H2 storage, CO2 capture, water filtration and purification) application. Ultra-tough glasses and ceramics based on the Engineered Stress Profile (ESP) approach have been designed and produced. Innovative calcium phosphate bioceramics and functional materials for SOFC are investigated from the processing to the final performances. Electric-field assisted sintering processes (namely, Flash Sintering) that allow the consolidation of ceramics at limited temperature and in very short time are also studied



Prof. Gian Domenico Sorarù

Technical staff

Alexia Conci

Vetri e ceramici