The access to the research facilities of the Department (laboratories) is allowed only to people prehemptively authorized by the person in charge of the facility and by the Department's Director.

The access request is submitted by a professor of the Department using the relevant Template.

The authorized person must undersign the declaration of acknoledgement and acceptance of the rules outlined in Annex A and fill the risk identification form
If the persons to be authorized are visiting, guests, PhD students and PhD students of other Departments, teachers or collaborators of other Universities, the application form must be presented to the Secretariat of the Department at least 15 days before the start of the activity to allow the activation of the accident insurance coverage in favor of the guest.

The certificate of the Course Health and safety in the workplace must be delivered to the secretariat of the Department with the others forms.

Credit attribuition
Once the activity is finished, in order to obtain the corresponding credits the student must undersign and submit for approval the form in the download box and then deliver it to the to the Secretariat of the Department.