DII’s basic and applied research aims at fostering materials industrial development  and processing towards technological advancement and innovation. Most of the research projects are rooted in the steady cooperation with international research centres, universities and industrial partners.  Advanced research is performed by merging theorical  and experimental approach  to investigate the correlations  between  materials  structure and properties to best serve industrial developments and the uptake of new technologies.

  • Investing on the improvement and maintenance of  laboratories and experimental facilities
  • Investing on Human resources  Research staff,  Fellows and PhD students
  • Enhancing  and internationalizing  the Doctoral school in Materials  Engineering
  • Acquiring and running experimental research facilities  to implement a technological laboratory with equipments for material processing on the industrial or semi-industrial scale;
  • developing new processing technologies till the production of prototypes and pre-series;
  • updating facilities for  material analysis and characterization aimed at the development and the qualification of industrial products to foster the technological transfer .

The departmental  budget benefits by the broad network of collaborations providing revenues from industrial contracts and external funds.

Research areas

Most of the departmental activities  are performed in cooperation with international and national  partner universities and research centres.
Several research projectsare jointly developed with industrial partners worldwide.
Member’s core competencies  and research activities focus on:

  • Materialsproduction and optimization
  • Structural and functional materials  applications
  • Nanomaterialsand nanotechnologies

Relevant areas of applied research regard:

  • Biomedical technologies and applications
  • Agro-food technologies
  • Materials for energy and environment
  • Food processing industry
  • Materials and technologies for cultural heritage
  • Mechanical and Processing  Industry


  • Matteo Benedetti
  • Mattia Biesuz
  • Massimo Calovi
  • Renzo Campostrini
  • Riccardo Ceccato
  • Ilaria Cristofolini
  • Flavio Deflorian
  • Sandra Dirè
  • Andrea Dorigato
  • Luca Fambri
  • Michele Fedel
  • Vigilio Fontanari
  • Giulia Fredi
  • Stefano Gialanella
  • Mirko Lobino
  • Luca Lutterotti
  • Cinzia Menapace
  • Alberto Molinari
  • Francesco Parrino
  • Alessandro Pegoretti
  • Massimo Pellizzari
  • Priyadarshini Jayashree
  • Alberto Quaranta
  • Stefano Rossi
  • Emiliano Rustighi
  • Vincenzo M. Sglavo
  • Giandomenico Sorarù
  • Giovanni Straffelini
  • Marco Zago

Laboratories and managers

Laboratories - ground floor Head Email
Operations Research Michele Fedrizzi michele.fedrizzi [at]

Cultural Heritage Stefano Gialanella stefano.gialanella [at]

Glass and Ceramics Gian Domenico Sorarù giandomenico.soraru [at]

Materials  Chemistry Riccardo Ceccato riccardo.ceccato [at]

Mechanical Design and Metallurgy Cinzia Menapace cinzia.menapace [at]
Coatings and Industrial Corrosion Control Stefano Rossi stefano.rossi [at]
Polymers and Composites Materials Andrea Dorigato alessandro.pegoretti [at]

Biomedical Technologies Antonella Motta claudio.migliaresi [at]

Laboratories - underground Head Email
Micro-structural Analysis Stefano Gialanella stefano.gialanella [at]

Chemistry Sandra Dirè sandra.dire [at]

Materials Characterization

Massimo Pellizzari massimo.pellizzari [at]

Processing Luca Fambri luca.fambri [at]

Mechanical Testing Vigilio Fontanari vigilio.fontanari [at]