The participation as members of the Department aims at promoting, consolidating and fostering research projects which are interesting both for the Department and for the applicant.

Article no. 8 of the Regulation of the Department states indeed that “membership of the Department of Industrial engineering" is awarded to external professors, researches and experts who cooperate with the Department on education, training and research projects.

Membership may also be awarded to researchers and fellows of national and international research bodies, working on shared projects, within the framework of ad-hoc agreements with the Department.

Individual applications for membership shall be submitted to the Director of the Department with a precise motivation. The application letter shall be completed with the CV.

Applications shall be approved by the Council, after consulting the Department’s Board, according to the contents of the Regulation “Membership of the Department”.

Membership is awarded for 2 years.  When the membership expires, candidate may request a motivated renewal for one more year.

Members shall sign a privacy agreement and mention the Department in the products of researches carried out within the shared projects.