The Department of Industrial Engineering, following the general indications of the University (Covid-19 | Phase II) and the Rector's Letter to UniTrento students, will adopt the following guidelines to plan his teaching activities.

In compliance with the reduced capacity of the classrooms according to current regulations, only part of the students will be allowed to access the lessons in presence.

The Department of Industrial Engineering for the first semester of the a.y. 2020-21 has planned to offer the educational programs in the following ways:

  • Blended teaching: teaching activities are mainly held in classroom, students can attend in person. Due to limited classroom places, weekly shifts could be necessary. Lessons are held as per the lesson timetable published at the beginning of the semester. Distance learning will be always guaranteed to the students that can’t attend the lessons in presence.
  • Distance learning (Telematic Mode) for some courses: students are not present in the classroom, remote access will be ensured either SYNCHRONOUSLY or ASYNCHRONOUSLY with respect to the lesson timetable.

The moodle platform will function as a communication channel between teacher and students and as a repository for teaching material. The platform will therefore indicate whether the lesson is streaming (synchronous) or videotaped (asynchronous). The lecturers of the course who do not videotape their lesson will make the educational material available to the students.

In order to clearly define the groups and to plan the shifts of students you are required to declare your intention to  attend the lessons in presence or remotely by filling in the apply that will allow you to express your choice.
The answers will be collected until 2 October 2020. The student can only choose the course year he would like to attend in person. Any courses from different years can only be attended online.
In the download box at right you will find the regulation for the management of macro-groups of students who have opted for face-to-face (MAP) or telematics (MAT) teaching respectively.

The list of students admitted to teaching activities in presence and the authorization period is also shown in the download box. The students on the list will be allowed to access the buildings to which they have been admitted, on the dates and for the time intervals specified in the authorization. They will use the UniTrentoApp platform for validation and self-certification at entry (check-in) and exit (check-out).

For the three-year degree in industrial engineering the lessons, at present, regularly follow the dates reported in the academic calendars
For the master's degrees in Mechatronic Engineering and Materials and Production Engineering the lessons will start on Monday 28 SEPTEMBER 2020 for both the 1st and the 2nd year of the course.

Attendance rules

Students enrolled in attendance of face-to-face lessons, presenting symptoms of fever, cough, cold, loss of taste or smell or other symptoms associated with COVID-19 infection are required not to access the Povo buildings and to attend the lessons by distance learning.
Students suffering from chronic diseases or, in any case, from diseases that can increase the risk of damage deriving from COVID-19 infections are required to contact their doctor before requesting attendance of lessons in presence.
Any regulation and / or general provision on security and combating COVID-19 issued by the University of Trento and / or the DII is an integral part of these instructions.
Since students can freely choose to attend the lessons by distance learning, the DII declines all responsibility for any COVID-19 infections resulting from failure to comply with the safety rules.

For communications, please contact the secretariat at the following address: lezioni.dii [at]