In compliance with the Italian legislative decree n. 81 dated 09/04/2008, known as "Testo Unico in materia di salute e sicurezza sul lavoro" – and with the University regulations about health and safety in the workplace, students, PhD students, postdocs and collaborators of the Department must obtain the Course Health and safety in the workplace for the access to the research laboratories and to the laboratory courses offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering. The course lasts 4 hours and it is available with the university credentials in the website of Didattica online.

If you don’t have the credentials you can contact the secretariat of the Department. At the end of the course the system will issue a certificate which must be delivered with the documents for the access to the laboratories, available at the page Access to the research facilities of the Department (Laboratories).

Those who have already taken the course at the University of Trento, at another institution or by an employer, are kindly asked to submit a copy of the certificate to the secretariat  with the forms required for the access to the laboratories.