ProM Facility is an open lab for machatronics prototyping having the main mission of supporting and simplifying the realization of mechatronic products. Its offerings are targeting researchers, start-ups, and industries.
The Facility aims at providing most of the technologies and instrumentations typically needed for the development of a product prototype: from the design phase to the pre-qualification phase, through the realization and characterization of components. For this reason, the Facility has four lines of action:

  • Prototyping:¬†development of prototype components (mechanichal and electronics) in small lots
  • Metrology:¬†geometrical and dimensional characterization and reverse engineering
  • Testing and pre-qualifying on mechanical components, electronics, and control systems
  • Simulation and computing: high performance computing for numerical simulations, cyber-security, and development of Artificial Intelligence systems



  • two powder bed, selective laser melting 3-D printers for metals (including reactive metals)
  • one hybrid machine for additive (direct laser deposition) and subtractive (milling) processes (DMG Mori DMU Lasertec 65 3D)
  • one high productivity powder bed 3-D printer for termoplastic materials
  • one combo laser cutting machine for sheet metal and tubes (Adige SYS LC5)
  • one plane laser cutting machine for plastics and wood
  • a prototyping line for PCBs in small lots or single samples
  • a complete machine shop (including a 4 axes CNC lathe with rotating tools)


  • large volume laser scanner (16 cubic meters)
  • coordinate measuring machine
  • x-ray tomography for polymers and metals
  • surface profilometer based on confocal and interferometric microscopy

Testing and pre-qualifying

  • mechanical test bench with 4 hydraulic actuators (up to 50 kN)
  • drive test bench for electric drives, with torque-meter and battery simulator
  • climate chamber with shaker
  • real time simulation system for Software-, Hardware-in-the-Loop, and Rapid Control Prototyping

Simulation and computing

  • 64 CPUs cluster
  • supercomputer for training of Deep Neural Networks