Initiative’s motivations

The increasing complexity of the marketplace together with the fast evolution of required skills stemming from globalization are making the intersection between supply and demand more and more difficult. Even though new information technologies foster a better understanding of the employment market, it is not trivial for job-seekers to find custom job offers and for companies to detect staff resources who meet the requirements.

The Department of Industrial Engineering considers therefore of great significance to supply students with exact, up-to-date and exhaustive information about the employment market in order to support their learning and facilitate their job training.

Career Boosting Program (CBP) spans over the whole academic year and offers students the opportunity to explore the labour market and to acquire further cross competencies.


CBP aims at: 

  • providing students with up-to-date and complete knowledge about the main features of the employment market;
  • supplying students with firsthand knowledge about the business community;
  • helping students with the development of key skills additional to the ones they acquire during the learning process  
  • fostering professional partnerships between the Department and external companies.

Intended audience/Eligibility

CBP is intended for DII Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree or Phd students and for those DII students who recently graduated.


CBP is structured into a series of activities, including the following:

  • regular meetings with regional companies to assess the evolving skill requirements and to define a combined strategy for job guidance;
  • regular meetings with the Advisory board of the Department which is made up of international level experts coming from both the research and the professional world and can help the DII in defying its learning and research programs;
  • a dedicated information channel to promote learning, research and innovation activities of the DII through the periodical DII News;
  • company tours and presentations;
  • seminars held by experts in the world of business;
  • research/learning activities related to the final exam and carried out at an external institution for those students who are about to pursue their studies;  
  • company awards and scholarships;
  • Industrial Engineering Day which connects students and companies;
  • Alumni which fosters collaborations between graduating students and the DII;
  • business-job portal which aims at promoting both the intersection between supply and demand and the partnerships between companies and the DII.

Job guidance office collaborates with the Department in the CBP organization.

Up-to-date information about the events are available in the “link utili” box.


Here is an approximate list of topics addressed in the seminars:

  • First contact with companies.
  • Project management.
  • Enterpreneurship and business culture.
  • Quality and risk assessment.
  • Innovation management.
  • Creative process management.
  • Human resources management.
  • Professional ethics and corporate social responsibility.


Official languages of CBP are Italian and English.

Appliance and credits

All students enrolled in a course offered by the Department of Industrial Engineering are allowed to take part in the CBP.
Students who attend CBP’s related activities can obtain credits from them. Registration and certificate of attendance are mandatory.


CBP events usually take place in the Department of Industrial Engineering, in the Fabio Ferrari technological center, located in via Sommarive 9, Povo, Trento.

Companies’ initiatives form

Companies can offer events/activities within the CBP, for this purpose they  need to fill in and send via e-mail the form available in the download box ("Scheda iniziativa aziedale").