INSTRUCTIONS for external activity for Master degrees thesis - Covid-19 containment

Following the indications issued by the University for the management of traineeships, students of Master's degrees who are carrying out external activities for degree thesis in a company / external body in Italy or abroad, if by March 2020:
 a) have completed at least 75% of the activity, the same can be considered completed. In this case, the tutor confirms the closure of the external activity.
 b) have not yet completed 75% of the activity:
    - 1. in agreement and with the authorization of their university tutor and of the company / institution, students can continue the activity in Smart working mode. In this case, they must communicate this kind of activity, the description of the activity and the location (home).
    - 2. if the students cannot continue remotely (ex: the company does not implement this form of work, the activity is not compatible with remote work, etc.), the external thesis activity is suspended. In this case the tutor will confirm the closure of the external activity (not the thesis work).


In case the activity related to the final exam is carried out at a company/institution/organization different from the University of Trento (in Italy or abroad) the student must fill in and undersign the forms available in the Download box and deliver them to the Secretariat of the Department BEFORE the beginning of the activity.

  • Annex A: student application
  • Annex B: supervisor authorization
  • Annex C: hosting company/institution/organization approval

Before the above-mentioned form, Master's Degree students who plan to carry out their research activity at an external organization/company are required to deliver Request for the Dissertation Topic as indicated at the webpage: Master’s degree in Materials and Production Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering

Insurance policy
The Secretariat of the Department will set up an accident insurance policy before the beginning of the activity.

Once the activity is finished, in order to obtain the corresponding credits the student must undersign and submit for approval the form in the download box and then deliver it to the Secretariat of the Department.