E-AGLE Trento Racing Team

E-Agle Trento Racing Team is the racing team of the University of Trento competing in the Formula SAE Series. The team was born in June 2016, thanks to the Engineering Professor Paolo Bosetti from Mechatronic Engineering course at our University.

The aim of the team is creating from scratch a fully functioning open wheel race-car.

Besides, the vehicle will be an EV (Electric Vehicle). This choice is consistent with the great technological and research potential of Trentino-Alto Adige region - not to mention the high consideration of the environment.

Since its very first day, many students became enthusiastic about this project and applied to being part of the team. Today, almost 60 students from the Department of Engineering and the Department of Economics are steadily involved in the project. This heterogeneous blend of knowledge and experience shows itself not only the complexity of the project, but also its great educational content. Students from other departments will be welcome to be part of it, accordingly with the need of the team.

Formula SAE International Events are participated by university teams from the whole World. Official Events are hold globally, as well. Each event is composed of two parts: a Static Event and a Dynamic Event. The former is to test either managerial skills of the students through a Business presentation and engineering solutions adopted, by discussing with the judges the technical framework underlying the realization of the vehicle. The latter is more of a race event, and is composed of four on-track events. Judges from the automotive world will judge all the performance, awarding the team who reaches the highest score.

The whole team has within smaller groups, each of them focused on a different area: Design, Dynamics and Modelling, Electrical and Electronics, Economics and Management, Materials and Fabrication, Racing. Every group cooperates with the others, in order to reach the same main goal. Passion, dedication and formation are driving us to strive for excellence and get us to achieve the best result.

Our partnership with “Trentino Sviluppo” entails a huge potential from several viewpoints. Firstly, the team has a real factory where planning and production can be both realized. We can also rely on advanced machinery and technical support from experts, since “Trentino Sviluppo” is one of the best research centre in our Country. Secondly, students who are in the team can experience what is expecting them in their lives after their University careers.

Despite being so young, the team has encountered the favour of the local institutions and of several firms that are currently funding the team. This is due to the great learning opportunity given to the students, who are engaged in a project that resembles more the creation of a real start-up than being university students.

The interaction between the University of Trento and the local firms sponsoring the team implies benefits for both the students and for the R&D processes within the enterprises. Given the great technological content of the project, students have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in the automotive field as they were employed in a real firm. This can happen, in reality, through internships and the drafting of research papers for degree dissertations on research projects.  Such cooperation entail an enhanced potential for companies involved of developing new technologies and productive processes. 


E-mail: fsae.unitn [at] gmail.com 
Website: https://eagletrt.it/
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