Traineeship: legal and department-related features

The traineeship is a period of “working training” in a professional/productive body/company in line with the study plan of students, which allow them to test and enhance their knowledge: it is an important element of the professional training and the specialization contents, as well as a support to future professional choices.  The traineeships:

  • Are ruled by the Italian Law n° 196/1997 and the subsequent Ministerial Decree n° 142/1998;
  • It can only be started after an agreement is signed between the University and the hosting structure;
  • It is based on a training plan;
  • It is unpaid;
  • It is not a working agreement/contract;
  • It can last between few weeks and up to 12 months;
  • It is supervised by a university tutor and a company tutor, who support the students and are their guarantors.

Department-related features for Curriculum traineeship

  • The number of residual credits must be lower than 60 – exceptions are decided upon and approved by the Academic Council;
  • The traineeship period cannot overlap the scheduled courses;
  • Students may indicate a tutor among:
    - Professor/researcher of the Department of Engineering;
    - Professor/researcher of other Departments (if motivated);
    - Full professors or associate professors of the Department of Engineering
    If required by the student, a university tutor can be appointed by the relevant office.
  • At the end of the traineeship students must draft a final report;
  • If the final evaluation of the two tutors is positive, the CV traineeship is recorded and recognized in terms of ECTS; the number of credits is ruled by the individual regulations of the study plans.