Students can obtain type F credits (other activities) as part of their study plan through:

  • by taking part in the Industrial Engineering Day: students enrolled in either bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree programs who attend the opening conference and at least at 3 presentations held by the participating companies will obtain 1 credit after their attendance has been checked. For those students who have already obtained this credit attending the event previously, it  will be added an extra credit.
  • seminars offered by other academic institutions, other teaching activities (e.g. training courses) coherent with the student’s study plan and approved by the Department’s Board. The form for the approval is available in the download box and must be filled in and delivered to the Department Secretary in Povo 2.
  • internships at companies or external institutions both in Italy and abroad as stated in the  Internal regulations for the internships for the courses offered by the Department. The internship can start after the approval of an agreement between the University/Department and the external institution and must focus on a topic different from the one of the final exam (bachelor’s degree) or thesis (Master’s degree). A training project is mandatory. Further information available at:
  • Projects/experimental activities at the laboratories of the Department approved by the supervisor; these activities which can be arranged with professors as a part of wider research projects will let the student obtain 1 credit/25h. For the access to the laboratories see:
  • Teaching/learning activities related to the thesis/final exam work at an external company/institution both in Italy and abroad. See link:
  • Activities related to the ERASMUS+ programme for study and/or placement.
  • Course Safety in the laboratory: is a training course for students attending the Master’s degree in Materials and production engineering, the Master’s degree in Mechatronics engineering and the Doctoral school in Materials, mechatronics and systems engineering. Information at the link.

 Regulations of type F credits

The Department of Industrial Engineering offers training activities which provide the acquisition of entire credits or credit fractions.
The task associated with this type of training activities can only take one of the following values: 0.25 CFU / 0.50 CFU / 1 CFU.

The events which provide the acquisition of whole credits will be attributed in the student's career by the Students secretariat.

Students interested in the recognition of whole credits obtained after the attendance  of activities proposed by the Department to which fractions of CFU have been attributed, are required to ask to the referent professor to issue a certificate of attendance, signed in original, at the end of the activity. Each student is responsible for collecting and keeping the certificates issued by the referent, in a single hard copy; the possibility of any duplicate attestation is not foreseen.
It is responsibility of the student to keep the certificate of attendance in original, creating a personal portfolio and presenting it, for the recognition of credits, to the teaching board.
The fractions of credits are valid for recognition purposes only if acquired within the academic year (March 31st of the following year) in which the training activity is offered.
Residual CFU fractions can not be accumulated in the following academic years after the year in which they were acquired.
All the information regarding the regulations of type F credits are available in the download box.